Contact: Romy Martin
ROAM 5790
United States of America

2020 has been a challenging year. We get overwhelmed with negative or sad news all of the time. Now it's time to spread some kindness and remind others that we can support one another regardless of our background and regligous affiliation. 

Frequently we will challenge you on our Social Media Sites to do a new Kindness to others and brag about it on our feet.  We hope inspire others to do the same and share their experiences. 

If you want to do good AND win a Paul Harris Award, simply pay the entry fee, complete as many of the challenges as you can and brag about it on our sites. Rotary Clubs can participate as a group as well and enter for a chance to win a cool banner . Simply follow the link below:

Individual Entry of $25 for a chance to win a Paul Harris Award:

Club Entry of $57.90 for a chance to win a banner and be recognized on our site:

As you respond to each Kindness challenge, tell us about it by posting your particular Kindness effort on our FB page at